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Bedarra Island

Located 7km off the coast of Tropical North Queensland, Bedarra Island is approximately 140km south of Cairns, off the coast of Mission Beach. Originally purchased in the 1930s by Australian landscape artist Noel Wood, the island has since developed into a popular tourist destination renowned for its luxury.

Bedarra is an exclusive island holiday destination which retains a sense of peace, solitude and seclusion. Shuttles are available daily from Mission Beach however the preferred method of arriving on Bedarra Island is via a boat transfer, allowing you to experience the wonder of crossing the crystal waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Bedarra Island is home to a fantastic array of natural attractions including golden beaches, lush jungle, giant granite boulders and colourful corals just off the shore. Despite its reputation for peace and relaxation, Bedarra offers a great range of activities including snorkelling, paddle skiing, fishing, navigating the waters in motorised dinghies and exploring the walking trails, nature and wildlife.

The unique natural environment of Bedarra Island means there is a great deal of diversity within its ecosystem. The wet tropics of Bedarra are home to a wide range of flora and fauna and the animal life that frequent the island offer an exciting way to spend your time spotting them and watching them in their natural habitat. Most notably, Migaloo the white humpback whale has been spotted during migration as well as sea turtles and dugongs. The spectacular blue Ulysses butterfly also calls the island home among bush turkeys, tree frogs, echidnas and a number of bird species.

Whether you want to simply relax on the beach, learn about the fascinating local wildlife or if you’re up for a bit of nature and adventure, the exclusive and peaceful atmosphere of Bedarra Island will offer you the holiday experience of a lifetime.


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